Thursday, October 11, 2012

Maybe not so much action


So ya all those plans.. they're still there.. but oh boy! has real life gotten crazy busy.  I've met a ton of new people, and am doing something almost every day leaving barely any time to sit on the computer and program something.

The fantasy of a BDSM life that was SL is now becoming real, I have people to play with, as both a top and bottom.  I've taken up rigging (they tying of others) as a 'profession' and have been forming a portfolio of my work, thanks largely in part to my wonderful friends who volunteer to model for me (cause you know it's so horrible to get tied up :p).

Someday, over time, I'll keep SL going.  But honestly and without regret I'm moving more of my life away from the computer all the time and away from fantasy.  Real cuffs and rope and gags are calling, people I can touch and kiss and play with are waiting.

So is this goodbye?  No, I'm not quitting SL.  I still have many friends here whom I enjoy talking to, but this is me - officially putting Anthemion on hold.  I have no in world shops, my presence on the Marketplace remains so long as it doesn't require my attention, it's doubtful they'll be anything new in terms of products.  Who knows I may idly make stuff again as I fiddle around, but no promises no time lines no big plans.

Anthemion, after years of operation and for the most part; profit, is being shelved.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Back in Action

Well it has been a long time since I was really active in Second Life - or on my blog.  Life has been busy and interest in SL has been low in lieu of other avenues of entertainment but invariably I was drawn to return and see what was new and perhaps change things for the better with Anthemion and the over all way I viewed and operated within SL.

For those few who communicate with me on a frequent basis it is well known that I am a recluse, preferring to stay in my home/workshop mucking about with some strange new idea then out in public chatting with strangers.  This attitude reflects onto reality.

However, as a change to my real life is already in play, I am working to be less anti social so; given time, I may just start wandering SL as I did in the earlier days and meet new people - perhaps spreading the word of my small endeavor that is Anthemion.

Onto business matters: with my return to SL and the practical non-existence of sales (due to no new products/updates for some time I'm sure, combined with lack of exposure) I will be laying low for a little bit to come while I work on a line of new products and updates to be released as one large relaunch of the business.

Now again some people in world know just what it is I'm working on, and it's hardly a big secret, but it is a rather extensive undertaking and I want to first say that I can offer no guarantees on timeline or if it will ever come to full fruition but I am working on what I call A.N.T.

The Anthemion Network Terminal, a HUD that will allow universal and total control of all of my products, be them attachments or in world items such as cages.  With it require updates to my existing line of products, most prominently the APS Harness and the Chastity Belt (to be appended with APS as well to introduce it to what I consider my top of the line products) which is getting a rather major rewrite and feature adjustment.

With that I am also going to be attempting to release the ACP, Anthemion Chain Protocol in an attempt to modernize the aged LockMeister and LockGuard methods of generating chains.  However, for the sake of compatibility the ACP system will still communicate and work as expected with LM and LG it will just run them more efficiently through the use of new script functions LL has introduced since their original inception, as well as include new features to make ACP usable as leashes (physics support), as well as allow easy integration of 'chain gangs' (leashing one person to another, to another..).

Do I expect it to overtake and replace LM and LG?  No not really, would it be cool?  Heck ya.  I'm writing it for use with my own stuff but if I'm gona do it I may as well let others use it to.

Things could get interesting if everything works out even partially as I plan; who knows what the future holds - hopefully there's a place for Anthemion.

If you have any questions, or suggestions for products or updates, or if you wish to contact me for any other reason please do so in world, or by leaving a comment here.

Monday, October 24, 2011


I know, I know. It's been a while. Many of you havn't even seen me in game since I've only ever been on randomly and generally only once every couple weeks or so. Life has just been, well like life - getting in the way of the things we enjoy.

At the end of it all at least I've had time to think, and while nothing is certain for now the future of Anthemion is unclear. I try to come up with ideas for new stuff, and never can, and what I have made doesn't sell. I think I've just run my course, but I've still got money and that means time; time which I'll use to think some more on the direction I want to take.

I guess we'll see what the future holds.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Moved.. and quite settled.

Well some of you may have seen me popping online again already, this is assuming anyone reads my blog... but whatever.

Our move is complete, and while things aren't all how we want them in the end most things are set up just fine and we've been enjoying living in our new place.

Now this doesn't suddenly mean that I will be on all the time making new stuff or some such, it just means that I can if I feel like it. There's still the fact that I just don't really feel like working as hard as I did in the past. Not sure if it's just lingering burnout of SL, or just cause some days it feels futile or just cause I'm lazy and work makes me chaff :p

Who knows. Eitherway, I do hope to get more work done - whether I do or not is the question.

Friday, August 12, 2011


Well, our moving day moved up a couple - instead of Monday now we're moving on Saturday. This makes Friday a very busy day too getting things as ready as we can, and Saturday, well; we'll be obviously busy.

The appointment has already been made to get our internet connected over there, so hopefully I should only be out of action for the few days it takes to get settled.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

New Projects

So been working past little while on a few new projects, nothing really to show for it yet it's mostly just a few prims and theories but I hope for things to all work out in the end.

First off been dabling with a new version of my vendor to make it more owner friendly (more dynamic, possibly even easy enough that I can sell it itself) and to allow people to leave reviews of the products right at the vendor.

I've also been working on and off with my A.N.T HUD to coincide with the update to my chastity belt and it's inclusion in the APS category. The HUD will be something to see if all my ideas work out.

Lastly I've been working on an in world project, a puzzle room for use in a dungeon/maze, inspired largely by my recent playing through of Oblivion.

In other news - we will be moving again soon. Monday the 15th to be exact, I'll be moving back to a place where I have greater levels of privacy and should hopefully be able to "get back into the groove" of coding and building on a more regular basis as opposed to now when I really only get the chance at the least ideal times (late night when my brain doesn't work well).

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

APS Harness (Pony Bridle) v 1.2

The long awaited (for some) Version 1.2 of the Pony Bridle (now renamed to APS Harness) is finally done and ready.

It will be avaliable in all shops (replacing the Pony Bridle) and to any existing owners of Version 1.0 or 1.1 Pony Bridle's you can get your free upgrade to Version 1.2 by clicking the "Update" button found in the Plugins menu.

Updates are web-enabled: this means that you don't have to go to a store or a specific location to get it to work, you can be anywhere on the Grid and recive your new copy.

Demos are now avaliable at all vendors.